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Service MonitoringWe will monitor your IT Network, devices, peripherals and servers, ensuring that all of your essential business systems are operational and functioning correctly. Performance thresholds can be set to ensure that early warnings are identified before issues become critical.

It is inevitable that technical issues will occur on your servers and network at some point. At the very least, proactive monitoring provides you with the warning of problems as they happen, and the opportunity to fix them before they create a major problem. If problems are going to happen, it’s better that you find them before your users do.

Why Network & Server Monitoring Services?

  • Free your internal resources to focus on value added services
  • Peace of mind that your core business systems are operational
  • Safeguard your business from data loss and disruptions
  • Increase System availability and minimize downtime and business risk
  • Gain maximum availability and performance from your servers and network infrastructure
  • Your IT network devices are monitored by our IT Support
  • Our proactive alerts provide early warnings, before issues become critical
  • Monthly Reports available
  • Customer web portal status view 24 x 7 x 365
  • Some of what we monitor includes:
    • Windows & Linux (Mac) Computers & Servers
    • CPU, Drive Space, Memory
    • Disk Health
    • System Uptime
    • Performance
    • Services and Event Logs
    • Applications
    • Printers, Scanner, Copiers and other hardware peripherals
    • Microsoft Exchange storage, Network File storage
    • Remote website availability (hosted CRM, hosted Websites, etc.)
    • Internet connectivity
    • User / Device Access
    • Custom Service Ports