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A managed Online Backup is a very effective tool for providing a critical component of your data integrity & protection plans.  A managed solution is ideal for businesses that recognize the perils of not having a formal online backup strategy.  Time-tested technologies and a proven track record have allowed our service to become the solution of choice for several thousand consumers and many Fortune 500 companies.

Our enterprise-class solution simplifies your companies’ backup and recovery process by eliminating the problems associated with traditional backup systems being error-prone, time-consuming to manage, capital-intensive and open to theft.

Cost Effective

Reduce your total cost of ownership. There are no upfront hardware or software costs and no set up fee.  You start with a small investment and pay for additional storage as your business needs grow.  You are in full control over the amount, and therefore cost, of the allocated recovery storage.

Superior Reliability

Your data resides on protected, industry leading storage networks with multiple levels of redundancy.  In addition, routine backups of the data are maintained on physically independent, online RAID-protected storage devices to quickly recover from any software / hardware failures.  Your data is then also mirrored between data centers for additional security and reliability.

Automatic and Continuous

Data is scheduled for automatic backup or is backed up continuously (CDP).  There is no need for manual intervention in changing tapes or taking daily backups.  Continuous backups are monitored and verified daily.  Regular test restorations ensure that your recovery data is available when you need it.

Encrypted at Rest

Data is not only encrypted securely during transfer, but also encrypted throughout its entire storage life cycle.  This full encryption for data at rest means that your stored recovery data is both HIPAA and SOX compliant.

Unmatched Scalability

The freedom to allow storage to grow as you grow.  We can monitor your storage sizes and ensure that your data protection and recovery requirements are not only met but exceeded.