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Our managed anti-virus and threat protection solution is available for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops or servers, physical or virtual!

We also offer protection for Amazon Web Services instances and Exchange anti-malware, managed within the same console as endpoint protection.  Our anti-virus and threat protection boosts your online defenses, lowers costs, and streamlines security deployments, updates, upgrades, and management — all through one online service center.

Leading Anti-spam Detection Rates

Our Managed Anti-Virus & Threat Protection service consistently ranks among the solutions with the best detection rate in Virus Bulletin’s VBSpam tests.  Learning of an infection sooner rather than later lessens the spread of the threat and end user downtime.  Our dedicated email traffic filtering includes attachment and content filtering, anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-virus, and anti-malware all with behavioral analysis.

Complete Anti-virus and Threat Protection

We help you to eliminate the need for multiple security products. Our solution provides anti-malware, web filtering and a fully featured two-way firewall with a robust Intrusion Detection System, providing secure proactive protection without limiting online access.

Dynamic, Affordable and Secure

A single, low-cost monthly subscription offers continuous protection along with automatic security updates and upgrades. With our Managed Anti-Virus service, you pay only for the total number of computer licenses you are using.  Licenses are dynamically adjusted each month so there is no need to worry about the large yearly licensing fees that annual subscription agreements require.

Remote Deployment and Management

This Security-as-a-Service solution is managed by Improve Your IT through an online console that centralizes the installation, configuration, reporting, and updates, enabling even remote users to easily receive the latest upgrades and protection.  Using Windows Network Discovery our solution detects all unprotected computers and deploys threat protection.  Competitive solutions are automatically uninstalled from Windows systems during deployment.