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Development, Design, Management, Implementation…

Project Management Support on Your Terms

Technology projects come in a variety of sizes with varying levels of complexity. At Improve Your IT, we provide you with the project planning, implementation oversight, project management & support that best suits your needs. Our highly skilled technical experts work with you to handle the entire project or complement your in-house IT department for project success.  Our technical experts have direct experience in all manner of

technology projects, from small to large, such as:

  • Primary Business Relocation
  • Service Provider Change (Data, Voice, Wireless)
  • Migrations to and from Virtual Infrastructure (VMware, Hpyer-V, VirtualBox, Xen)
  • Migrations to Cloud Services (Office365, Google Docs)
  • Exchange Server Upgrades & Migrations
  • SharePoint Server Upgrades & Migrations
  • Application & Web Development
  • Data Management
  • Compliance Audits (PCI, HIPAA, SAM, etc.)
  • Workstation & Server – Hardware & Software Upgrades
  • Network, Wifi & Firewall Upgrades

Leave Delays and Disruptions Off of the Project Schedule

Projects require a multidisciplinary technology department.  Many businesses simply cannot afford to divert their already busy technology resources or they realize that their in-house team does not have the full skill set needed to complete upcoming projects. Utilizing Improve Your IT’s Project Support Services, you are afforded the opportunity to enhance or supplement your technology staff on an as-needed basis.

You will appreciate the experience of an expert team that delivers thorough project management, minimal disruptions, maximum up-time and extensive testing before deploying the project to the live environment. Our proven project team is aware of the unique complexities of a project environment and is focused on your budget and productivity.

Project Management Support with a Vision for the Future

Your dedicated project management team will provide you the support to meet your needs today while optimizing your IT infrastructure for the future.  Your team will work along side you to develop scalable solutions, utilizing the best of what you have, the best of what you can afford and all with the future growth of your business in mind.