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Evaluation CycleTechnology Evaluation and Plan

We work with you to meet your strategic needs and support the tactical execution of your technology goals.  Critical to those needs is your Technical Evaluation and Plan. We will work with you to document your existing environment and plan for the future, aligning technology solutions with your business goals.  Planning keeps your IT costs in your control.


  • Interview with stakeholders
  • Document current environment and architecture
  • Run diagnostics
  • Survey users


  • Compare network architecture, policies and procedures to industry standards
  • Identify security threats and productivity gaps
  • Analyze business objectives and technology plans
  • Analyze and review budgets


  • Formulate technology strategy
  • Assign and prioritize recommendations
  • Create documentation
  • Compile executive level report


  • Present Technology Assessment and Plan with ’s key staff
  • Review recommendations, possible projects, priorities and timelines
  • Revise recommendations as needed
  • Schedule next meeting for Strategic Review and Recommendations


  • Summary of the current state of the network
  • Summary of communicated business goals
  • Analysis and documentation of the current network architecture
  • Analysis and documentation of back-up and recovery strategies
  • Analysis and documentation of security approach in current environment with any weaknesses highlighted
  • Recommendations for new or improved architecture with proposed diagram to meet industry best practices, as needed
  • Recommendations for meeting security best practices, as needed
  • Recommendations for project initiatives, as needed

Your Technology Assessment and Plan will address your current and future IT needs. It is a living document that is regularly refreshed and adjusted to ensure that your technology is optimized to meet the needs of your business.